New album "From Faith..." available now!

Dan Housego

Dan doesn't understand writing in the third-person so I'm switching to first-person mid-sentence.

When I was 15, I had an ear operation which was semi-successful. The graft held, but was far from perfect. The doctor informed me that I should avoid loud noises, and certainly not consider being a "Rock Star".

Everyone knows that telling a 15-year-old what he can't be instantly creates an uncontrollable desire to be it. So the moment the bandages were off, I climbed into the attic and dragged my dad's guitar down.

16 years, thousands of hours of practice and another 2 ear operations later, I'm finally releasing an album!

I don't think that's quite enough to qualify as being a "Rock Star", but if you like our tunes so much you've decided to read this bio... perhaps I'm getting there?



SlaW is an enigma. Some people believe he's a tub of Potato Salad trying to avoid the Norwegian Government. Others have reached the conclusion he's a tub of Coleslaw pretending to be a tub of Potato Salad, so that the Jamaican Olympic Committee doesn't catch on.

These explanations are nonsense. We're not sure where they came from, but rest assured, we'll do absolutely nothing if we find the gentlemen responsible for such gross untruths arising.

SlaW is unavailable between the hours of 6pm and 7pm everyday. He has to feed whatever he keeps in his cellar or it WILL get angry.

Coffee, not tea. And certainly none of that herbal bollocks (unless it's for smoking). 


Guest Musicians

Nick Brow

Nick Brow lives in SlaW's cellar.

He snuck down there, despite SlaW's warnings, and the residing occupant decided to keep him for a playmate.

We sure as hell aren't going to argue with it...

Nick's allowed upstairs when a MeddleSum track wants some keyboards, but only on moonless nights, and only if the wind is calm. 


Wanna know even more about MeddleSum?

Click here ya rascal!